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Meaning of "Cruise": The verb "cruise" primarily means to sail or travel smoothly and comfortably, often at a leisurely pace, typically for enjoyment or relaxation. It can also refer to driving or flying at a steady and relaxed speed.

Exercise 1: Fill in the Blanks (Multiple Choice)

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb "cruise" (cruise, cruises, cruised, cruising).

  1. The family decided to ____________ down the river on a sunny afternoon. a) cruise b) cruises c) cruised d) cruising
  2. The plane ____________ at a high altitude, making for a comfortable journey. a) cruise b) cruises c) cruised d) cruising

Exercise 2: Fill in the Blanks (Word Bank)

Choose the correct form from the word bank to fill in the blanks.Example Sentences:

  1. Last summer, we ____________ on a beautiful sailboat in the Caribbean. Word Bank: cruised, cruising
  2. The captain and his crew ____________ smoothly through the calm waters of the lake. Word Bank: cruise, cruised
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