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Exercise 1: Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the word "communication" (communicate, communicating, communicated, communication).

1. Effective ___________ is essential for building strong relationships.

2. The team members are constantly ___________ with each other to ensure smooth project progress.

3. They ___________ their concerns to the management through a formal email.

4. Non-verbal ___________ plays a significant role in conveying emotions.

5. In today's digital age, various tools and platforms facilitate quick and convenient ___________.

Exercise 2: Multiple Choice

Choose the correct option to complete each sentence.

1. Effective ___________ is crucial in a professional environment.

   a) communication

   b) communicator

   c) communicated

   d) communicative

2. The team used various ___________ channels to collaborate on the project.

   a) communication

   b) communicating

   c) communicates

   d) communicative

3. A key aspect of effective ___________ is active listening.

   a) communicate

   b) communicative

   c) communication

   d) communicating

4. Non-verbal ___________, such as facial expressions and gestures, can convey powerful messages.

   a) communicate

   b) communicated

   c) communicative

   d) communication

5. The company organized a ___________ workshop to enhance employee communication skills.

   a) communicate

   b) communication

   c) communicator

   d) communicated

Exercise 3: Sentence Completion

Complete each sentence with the appropriate form of the word "communication" (communicate, communicating, communicated, communication).

1. Effective ___________ requires active listening and clear expression of ideas.

2. They are currently ___________ through video conferencing due to the remote work setup.

3. The project team successfully ___________ their findings during the client presentation.

4. Non-verbal ___________ can be just as important as verbal communication in conveying emotions.

5. The company organized a seminar on effective ___________ techniques for its employees.

Exercise 4: Discussion Questions

Discuss the following questions related to "communication":

1. Why is effective communication important in personal relationships?

2. How has technology impacted communication in the workplace?

3. What are some barriers to effective communication, and how can they be overcome?

4. How can non-verbal communication affect the meaning of a message?

5. In what ways can active listening improve communication skills?