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"Wanted (2008): An Action-Packed Adventure of a Secret Assassin"

"Wanted" is a heart-pounding story filled with adrenaline, secret societies, and extraordinary assassins. Buckle up, because we're about to take a wild ride into the world of assassins, curved bullets, and destiny!

The Plot:

"Wanted" is a movie that tells the story of Wesley Gibson (played by James McAvoy), a regular guy with a boring job and a life that feels like a dead end. Everything changes when he meets a mysterious woman named Fox (played by Angelina Jolie), who reveals that Wesley's father was part of a secret society of assassins known as the Fraternity.

Wesley soon discovers that he has inherited incredible skills, including the ability to curve bullets around obstacles. Under the guidance of Sloan (played by Morgan Freeman), the leader of the Fraternity, Wesley begins training to become an assassin. He learns about the Fraternity's mission to eliminate individuals deemed threats to society.

As Wesley transforms into a deadly assassin, he uncovers secrets about his father, his own destiny, and the true purpose of the Fraternity. The movie takes us on a fast-paced journey filled with jaw-dropping action scenes and unexpected twists.

Key Themes:

  1. Destiny and self-discovery: "Wanted" explores the theme of destiny and how we can discover hidden talents within ourselves.
  2. Moral choices: The movie raises questions about the ethics of the Fraternity's mission and the choices Wesley must make as he becomes an assassin.
  3. The power of transformation: Wesley undergoes a remarkable transformation from an ordinary office worker to a skilled assassin.

10 Questions about "Wanted (2008)":

  1. Who is the main character in the movie "Wanted"?
  2. What is Wesley's life like at the beginning of the movie?
  3. How does Wesley discover his extraordinary abilities?
  4. Who is Fox, and what role does she play in Wesley's journey?
  5. What is the Fraternity, and what is its mission?
  6. Who is Sloan, and what is his connection to Wesley?
  7. What special skill does Wesley possess, and how does it help him in the movie?
  8. What ethical questions are raised in the movie regarding the Fraternity's mission?
  9. How does Wesley change throughout the course of the film?
  10. What themes about destiny and self-discovery are explored in "Wanted"?


"Wanted (2008)" is a high-octane action movie that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its intense action sequences and unexpected plot twists. It challenges us to think about destiny, moral choices, and the power of transformation. So, the next time you watch "Wanted," get ready for a thrilling adventure and some thought-provoking questions about fate and personal growth!

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